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    Easiest Ways to Make Money Ever!

    Forget begging your parents for pizza money — try these simple jobs for quick cash.  Download PDF here. ...

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    Does Volunteering Give Job Seekers an Edge?

    Restless with his part-time public relations job, Stephen Anfield, 30, began volunteering in the AARP’s Washington, D.C., office about a year ago. It wasn’t easy: On top of his 30-hour work-week, Anfield put in another 10 to 15 hours writing blog posts, making and printing PowerPoint presentations, and other office tasks. Read full story here. ...

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    5 Career Lessons from the Wisest Americans
    Who better to get career advice from than people over 70 with a lifetime of experience in the workforce? That’s why Next Avenue asked Cornell University gerontologist Karl Pillemer, who has surveyed more than 1,200 Americans mostly 70 and up for the career advice he heard most often from this group. Read full story here.



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    Is It Ever OK to Dish About Your Salary to Coworkers?

    Never talk about what you make with your co-workers — that’s the advice we’ve all heard probably dozens of times in our careers. “It’s unprofessional.” “It causes tension and jealousy.”  “It’s an amateur move.” Read full story here. ...

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    10 Things Your Coworkers Won’t Tell You

    1. “You’re the most stressful part of my day.” While working in the IT department at a large telecommunications firm a few years back, Hayley Chalmers, 38, was tormented by a coworker who regularly left his cell phone at his desk while he was away with the ringer volume jacked way up high. Read full story here. ...

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    Best Careers for Family Caregivers

    For the 43 million Americans taking care of another adult, climbing the corporate ladder may seem all but impossible. Now, though, help is coming from a surprising corner: Your employer. Read full story here. ...

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    3 Ways the Office Is Making You Sicker

    Offices have always had their share of health hazards — sniffling coworkers, stress-inducing bosses, or that Petri dish of a shared refrigerator. But just in time for spring flu season, new data shows workplaces are making us sicker than ever and hurting everyone’s bottom line. Read full story here. ...

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    9 Things Lindsay Lohan Should Do to Save Her Career

    By the age of 17, Lindsay Lohan had already starred in four major movies. Then came a platinum album, the hit movie “Mean Girls,” and numerous magazine covers. In fact, she was so “hot” that Hollywood wanted to mold her into the next Julia Roberts, Entertainment Weekly reported.Then came the DUIs, stints in rehab, a series of tumultuous personal relationships and a few movies that weren’t exactly hits. Read full story here. ...

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    10 Things Your Boss Won’t Tell You

    1. “Yes, we are reading your emails and your IMs.” Like many financial services firms, Wedbush Securities monitors the daily emails, instant messages and social networking activity of its 1,000-plus employees, says Mattias Tornyi, the company’s Director of IT. They use an email monitoring software to flag certain types of messages and keywords within messages, he says. Every day, they end up reading 5% to 10% of the messages employees send.  Read full story here. ...